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Welcome to BŪN fellows Coffee House | Taste of Africa

BŪN fellows Coffee House is a family owned coffee house, providing the finest, freshest and most skillfully roasted coffee beans available in Jordan. Sourced directly from Ethiopia - The Birthplace of Coffee!

BŪN fellows Coffee is known for its Variety of hot, cold-brew java, teas and its exceedingly talented friendly baristas. The gorgeous African artwork on the walls makes the space both a coffee house and a gallery of sorts.

BŪN fellows Coffee House Not only do they care for their customers, but they really care for each other, and it shows when you walk in there.

Our Story

BŪN fellows Coffee House - How it all started?

The whole idea of BŪN fellows started by two coffee veterans (Khalid & Aziz Abu Khalaf) Two brothers’s passion for coffee led them to starting a coffee house in town (BŪN Fellows); they were fascinated by The birthplace of Arabica coffee, (Ethiopia) and the Amazing story behind it; Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered coffee and it’s magical benefits way back around 850 AD. when he discovered his goats eating the coffee fruit (BŪN) off of the trees and dancing wildly.He was so amazed by these “magic” beans that he brought them home with him.

When Kaldi presented their benefits to a monk, he threw them in the fire proclaiming this magic effect was the work of the devil. Of course, the beans (BŪN) began to roast and the whole room was filled with the fragrance of fresh roasted coffee. And this is where the true meaning behind (BŪN) Fellows coffee house Came from.

Our Mission

Welcome to BŪN fellows Coffee House | Taste of Africa

Our Mission is to provide our customers around the world with an extraordinary coffee experiences while finding joy in serving our communities; By giving them the ultimate- quality food and beverages, most welcoming stores, and provide top notch service.

Our Work

BŪN fellows Coffee House - How it all started?

  • We directly source 100% Arabica coffee from the world’s best farmers in over 20 countries
  • We create freshly-roasted whole beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules for retail and foodservice clients
  • We provide and deliver a seamless, 360-degree approach to coffee solutions including:
    • A range of market leading coffee machines and equipment
    • All coffee related consumables
    • Training for staff



One of the best places in amman .. highly recommended 🌹🌹❤️

Othman Badwan

wonderful place , excellent services and prices are good i recommend to visit the place.

Ismael Said

My absolute time favorite, i highly recommend it ❤️

Zain Alassaf

Great service, cool vibe, delicious coffee

Becca Byrne

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Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Moumani St. Amman, Jordan
Shop Number: +9627 7766 8080
Administration Number: +962 79 77 82060